Drawing is Caroline’s starting point to delve into her imagination then play with it.

” The drawing of Athanor was inspired by the alchemist’s crucible. I like to imagine myself as an alchemist when I experiment with techniques and explore the law of material. Through my creations, I want to express the force of the natural elements and magnify its contrasts: the fragility of glass, the strength of metal… I’m also interested in creating paradox between the apparent simplicity of the shape and the sophistication of materials.”

Draft of the shape

A subtle game that has to meet technical challenges. A new step in research, that needs to be discussed in order to make the project grow, to make it real.

« First I showed my drawings to the glassmaker who sketched the shape without a mould. Then I reshaped the profile in order to obtain a perfect match between the glass and the metal bracelet. I also adjusted the curve to make it more rounded. »

Metamorphosis of material

The momentum: birth of the object out of the material. A wooden mould, sand, fire. 1200 degrees Celsius. When savoir-faire reaches perfection.

« The glassmaker blows and stretches the skin of the glass. A cloud of water condensation appears when the molten glass touches the mould covered with water. Therefore the glass does not adhere to the mould. The shape seems to be on an air cushion. »

Glass-metal adjustment

Meanwhile, the ornaments are prepared, each with a unique patina. Under high temperature, metal oxides become vitrified and coloured, thus creating a fine texture that draws a kind of landscape.

« I am used to hot glass working, yet I have less experience in shape-forming techniques for metal. Therefore I have to deal with uncertainty from beginning to end. »

Finally, metal encounters glass. « The challenge here was to obtain a perfect bond between the glass and the metal. This was crucial. For the candle version of Athanor, we also had to test the potential effects of the combustion heat. We therefore anticipated metal expansion and glass temperature that needs to remain warm at every stage of the combustion. »


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